Power Window Repair: Lifting Mechanism Troubleshooting

What You'll Need
Screw driver (Phillips, Flat)
Wrench or Driver (for possible regulator replacement)
Voltage testing kit
Adhesive (for possible stripping of the moisture barrier)

When your car window does not work or if it does not lift as you press the designated button, it may need some power window repair. Troubleshooting the lifting of the power window may not be that simple. There are many considerations that you need to have in mind. And you also have to make sure that your observations will lead you to a precise action plan.

Step 1 – Consider the Possibilities of the Problem

Pinpointing precisely the problem of the lifting mechanism of your power window may not be that simple. You have to consider that there are a lot of parts that may cause their mechanism to fail. If only one window has failed, it can be possible that the problem is with the lifting mechanism and switch that causes the problem on the particular door.

When all windows fail to work, it is possible that the nature of the problem is electrical and can be anywhere within the cars’ connection.

You may also want to check the master control panel of your car’s windows. It can be possible that the problem is rooted on it. If you want to conduct a power window repair or some sort of troubleshooting, and you suspect this area to be the cause of the problem, you need the aid of a master wiring diagram. This is so that you will have precise knowledge of the wires connected to the master control panel of the power windows. 

Step 2 – If Only a Single Window Is Not Functioning

If only one window has failed in its lifting mechanism, when you isolate this problem it will be easy for you to conduct your own power window repair or troubleshooting. All you have to do is open the inner panel trim using your screw driver to loosen and remove the screws. Carefully strip the moisture barrier off and check the power window regulator clips, the regulator, test the wires using a voltage tester. If you have defective regulator clips or regulator, either or both can be replaced.

You can easily put the panel back together again by observing the “first out, last in” method. Take note that you need to support the moisture barrier with an adhesive when you have it reinstalled.

Step 3 – When All Windows Are Not Functioning

If all windows are not functioning, it can be possible that your car has an electrical problem. Your power window repair will be simpler if the problem is the fuse. This is the first thing that you may have to check. If the fuse burns out, it can be caused by a corroded wiring, or it can be something similar, such as an overload. The fuse can be easily replaced but it will be a possibility that the problem may recur. Therefore, you may need to re-wire the electrical connection of your car.

It can also be possible that your power window master control panel is defective. You can have this determined by tracing the wire that is connected to the master control panel. Test the wires using a tester. And also test the switches individually if you find nothing wrong with the wires. If there is current entering the switch of the power window but nothing returns while toggling it, then your master control panel is defective.