Practical Screen Porch Design Practical Screen Porch Design

A screen porch design can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. In order for a screen porch design to work, the design has to not only be simple but also structurally sound. The design also has to be practical for your needs and surroundings. The article that follows will provide you with some information on how you can create a screen porch design that is practical and still fits your needs.

Extension of the Home

One decision you need to make is if the screen porch will be a new extension to the home or if an existing section of the home will simply be modified into a screen porch. If you are creating a screen porch design that has you adding to the home, you may need to have permits to do the job. You will also need to worry about flooring, a roof, and walls that are not only structurally-sound, but insulated. This can make the cost of your screen porch design skyrocket. If you are limited in funds, and you merely want to have a screen porch, then you can simply enclose an existing porch. All you would need is mesh and some boards. Cut the mesh to the size you want plus several inches all around. Tape or staple the mesh to the existing structure, then place wood around the screen as a frame, and nail it in place.

Keep it Square

If your screen porch design needs to be simple, then keep it square. Going fancy and making multiple corners and sides simply is not practical. You want to be able to furnish the space with outdoor furniture, but designing a screen porch with multiple corners will make it difficult. Making the screen porch square will make your costs low and the design easier to build.

Outside Access

Adding a door to the screen porch design may seem like a good idea at first but it greatly complicates the design. You need to spend more time framing the screen porch and adding a door that is structurally sound and functional without being in the way. One of the prime reasons to have a screen porch is to keep away bugs. Adding a door will gives many insects a chance to get inside the screen porch and then inside the home.

Simple Materials

You can build a screen porch out of many things, from cinder block to cedar, or a combination of both. Other materials can also be used such as composite. Keep the project as simple as possible by using standard screen material and treated lumber for supports. If you need a floor, then build one using plywood decking.

Flat as a Pancake

The roof may be one of the most important features of the screen porch. Do not make it completely flat, as water will pool. Make the roof so that it tilts slightly, or as an A-frame.

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