Pre-Built Garages: Sturdy Enough? Pre-Built Garages: Sturdy Enough?

With a do-it-yourself or pre-built garage kit, it is important to determine if the structure will be sturdy enough to house the items within it. Weather conditions, weight-baring loads, and constant use are all factors to consider when using a pre-built garage and whether it will withstand the abuse.

Qualities of a Pre-Built Garage

Before assembling a pre-built garage, it is important to check with area zoning laws to ensure the structure or style of structure is allowed. There are many styles of pre-built garages available to complement the exterior of the home.

These are the qualities that ensure a sturdy pre-built garage

  • A quality installation has to be done in an area that has been leveled. The flooring of the garage will most likely be poured concrete, and starting with a level surface provides a more secure foundation.
  • The sides of the pre-built garage need to be built square to begin with. This ensures a tight fit upon assembly to prevent gaps or leaking.
  • When the project is a do-it-yourself, be sure to have assistance in order to secure the sides and keep them square. Following the directions properly to attach to the concrete will be key to the life of the structure. 

A pre-built garage can be extremely sturdy when assembled properly. Many are made from maintenance free siding that does not fade or rust. Depending on the area, a quality pre-built garage will have guarantees for wind speeds and other weather factors. Look for a building with a 10-year or more structural guarantee.

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