Precast Concrete Stairs for the Garden

Lead Image for Precast Concrete Stairs for the Garden

Precast concrete stairs are handy for a wide range of projects, including one that you can do for your garden. Stairs that are made from cement are perfect for outside locations and are solid enough to last you for many years. There's also little or no maintenance required, making garden concrete stairs a great convenience. The cost and pricing for precast concrete stairs will vary according to the size and type of stairs you are considering.

However, there are many styles that you can do for prefabricated concrete. These include banking the steps to create a more dramatic appeal in your garden, a bulkhead design if you are going to create stairs that will go down to a lower level, and of course, the side and front entry steps which are standard.

Front and Side Entry Precast Concrete Stairs

If you want a simple design in your garden that will allow you to spend less, you can install your precast concrete stairs in a front and side entry design. A lot of people who make use of this design use it for residential doorways but if you have a commercial or industrial building, the design will look great in it too. The price for such a construction will only range from 600 to 1500 dollars but it does not include extra installations such as railings.

Lower Level Entry Stairs

If your landscape necessitates going down to a lower level, you can consider purchasing precast concrete stairs that have bulkheads. A bulkhead is needed if you want to create a secure and safe set of stairs that goes down to the lower ground. But since precast concrete stairs with bulkheads require professionals to install them, you will have to spend more than with the simple front and side entry design.

Creating a Dramatic Look

A more dramatic look can be created in your garden with precast concrete banking stairs. Bank steps are also referred to as garden steps. They are simple in design but can make your landscape more dramatic. You can even make your stairs the architectural focal point for the whole garden with the design. If you need a more original design idea however and you do not know what to do, you can consult a professional such as an architect. He can help you customize your precast concrete stairs in a way that will be right for your garden.

Advantages of Using Precast Concrete Stairs

As compared to concrete stairs that were made on location, precast concrete stairs have lesser tendencies to settle because of their hollow and lighter design. The risers, treads, and landings can also be constructed in one piece, taking away gaps and the need for mortar joints that could be saturated with water.

With precast concrete stairs, you will also be distributing the weight evenly on the blocks that are on each corner, lessening the chances of movement. But even if settling or movement occurs, it is easier to get precast concrete steps back into position since they are light in weight.