Prefab Garage Foundation: 3 Best Options

Erecting a prefab garage can be one of the easiest ways to create a place in which your car can be stored. The foundation will need to be considered as part of the structure of the garage, which makes it useful to be aware of the various options.

1 – Concrete

Laying concrete slabs is one of the best ways to fit a foundation in a prefab garage as they are readily available and easy to fit. It is also possible to obtain slabs that have been reinforced with the assistance of steel rods fitted within them. Alternatively, ready-mixed concrete can be poured to create a foundation.

2 – Tarmac

Pouring tarmac to create a foundation for a prefab garage will create a stable base to enable cars to be stored. This option will make it easy to level the foundation out to create the even surface required to store a car safely. Resurfacing is easy to undertake when tarmac is used.

3 – Stone

Stone blocks can be obtained in the desired size to create a suitable foundation for a prefab garage. This option will enable you to create a foundation that is as deep as is necessary to be able to properly support the garage structure.