Prefab Wood Garage vs Prefab Metal Garage

A prefab wood garage or metal garage are good options if you are considering building your own garage. Both types of garage have their own advantages which you should consider before construction

Prefab Wood Garages

Prefab wood garages are relatively cheap to construct and they come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. They can generally be constructed without needing to hire an outside contractor. Most zoning committees don't require you to have planning permission to construct a prefab wood garage. Wood garages are weatherproof when they have been treated and can be painted in colors of your choice. 

Prefab Metal Garages

Prefab metal garages are heavier than wood garages and are generally more expensive. They can be considered to be light industrial buildings if they are above a certain size, so you will have to check with your zoning committee before erecting your garage as many committees have restrictions on size.

However, metal garages are generally more weather proof than wood garages. They are also thicker and more secure than prefab wood garages. Metal garages are also great for use in public areas as they are fire resistant. Prefab metal garages can be purchased with a variety of different door options, including sliding doors if you have an issue with space.