Prefabricated Stairs: Better than Custom?

When it comes to installing stairs, you may be divided between getting a custom build, or buying some prefabricated stairs. The custom built staircase has many advantages, including allowing you to fit a staircase into a difficult corner, or add extra steps if you have very high ceilings. The prefabricated stair, on the other hand, can be much more easily installed and positioned, and you will have a secure set of stairs for your basic needs. Choosing the right style and make of stair for you can be difficult, so knowing how to decide between these two types of stairs is very important.

Prefabricated Stairs

The prefabricated stairs kit allows you to buy and install a staircase without having to worry about fitting the treads correctly, or measuring for risers. This kind of staircase is probably best where you have need of a basic set of stairs to get you up and down inside the house. While not designer, and usually very plain, these are the kind of stairs that you would put into the house if your were remodeling a home to update it, or restoring the shell of a building.

Advantages to these kind of stairs includes the reduced cost, the ease of personal installation, and the benefits of having a good, solid set of stairs which can be used by all the family.

Custom Stairs

At the opposite end of house design to the prefabricated stairs, the custom stairs and staircase is often built to a particular order. If you have a house which needs a staircase in the corner of the room, then you may have trouble finding prefabricated stairs to fit the space available. In this case, a custom staircase would be perfect. You could have it planned by a designer, and then made by a carpenter or metalworker to fulfill your design needs.

Fitting the custom stairs is usually too complicated for anyone who is not professional, and a poorly made set of stairs can be dangerous, so you will need to get top-quality manufacturing products out of your stair makers. In addition, a custom built staircase is usually exceptionally expensive, and you may find that you are paying for a complex design which does not suit the look of the rest of the house.

Choosing the Right Stairs

When you are looking for stairs to fit into a house, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. For those looking for cost-efficient, no-frills staircases, then the pre-fabricated stairs would be ideal. If you are restoring an old home, or want to give a modern house a traditional feel, then custom stairs can be created which will replicate the looks of older staircases. Custom stairs are also a necessity where the house is an unusual shape, and the stairs need to be built into an awkward position, or need to make a turn which would be abnormal for pre-fabricated stairs.