Prehinged Bifold Door Installation Part 1 Prehinged Bifold Door Installation Part 1

What You'll Need
Prehinged Bifold Doors
Tape Measure
Screwdriver or drill

One of the best kinds of doors for home improvements are bifold doors, but if you are not an expert, bifold door installation can be a little bit tricky. This is also true of fitting pre-hinged bifold doors to your door frame. Even if you find bifold doors that already have the hinges fitted, you will still need to know how to fit them together. In Part 1 of this guide, you will learn how to cut the head portion to fit your opening, attach your track to the header and mark the jamb for the bottom of the door. Then you will learn how to fasten the brackets and check and alter the height of the doors.

Step 1 - Measure the Track

To fit the track to your door, you will first need to measure the head portion of the track, and then compare this to the width of the door. You may find that the header track is too long for the door, and needs to be cut down. Look for the side of the header that does not end in a pair of close-together corners. This will stop the track from  sliding out the end. Take your saw, and cut down the header track until it fits in your door.

Step 2 - Attach Your Track

You will then need to install your header track. You will have a set of wooden screws which come with your pre-hinged bifold door kit. Take these out, and use the screws to fix the header track to the ceiling. Slide the tracking piece into the upper door. You may need to tap the edge of the track to make sure that it is completely level with the rest of your door frame. Tighten the screws to ensure a good fit.

Step 3 - Mark the Jamb

In order to fit pre-hinged bifold doors, you will need to mark the bottom of the jamb. In order to work out what is the center of the bottom, use a plumb line. Hang this from both the ends and the center, and then measure downwards. You need to ensure that the bottom track or mounting bracket is completely under the top bracket to ensure that the doors are fully operating. Use the plumb line to mark exactly where the end of each track is.

In the lower track, you may find that you get an L shaped bracket. Screw this to the side of the door frame so that the lower bar of the bracket sticks out in a line with the top track, following your marks.

Step 4 - Measure the Doors

You will now need to measure the doors to ensure that they are the correct height for your door. If these doors are not properly sized, then you may find that you need to remove a few millimeters from the bottom of the door using either a saw or a sander.

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