Premium Greenhouses Premium Greenhouses

Juliana has named this series Premium to stress that it is a unique quality greenhouse both in design and construction. It offers the luxury of extra space, functionalism and quality. The extra strength profiles used to produce the Premium Greenhouse are the strongest for the money!

The construction is tailored for the Scandinavian climate and consists of strong maintenance free extrusions covered by a 12 year guarantee. Greenhouses should be mounted on top of the optional galvanized steel base but may be mounted on base of pressure treated lumber.

Premium 8.3, 9.9, and 12.1 greenhouse features include:

  • 2-foot, 7-inch-wide, hinged locking door
  • 2 double-width roof windows on the 8.3;
    4 single windows on the 9.9; and 2 double and 2 single roof windows on the 12.1
  • 1/4-inch, double wall, unbreakable polycarbonate panels
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame construction with built-in gutters and downspouts
  • 4-foot, 9-inch-high side walls
  • 7-foot, 10-inch-high peak
  • Supplied with a toll free Monday-Friday installation support phone number as well as a Factory Moderated Greenhouse Forum

Premium 8.3 Greenhouse with Green Frame 9'1"W x 9'9"L

Premium 8.3 Greenhouse 9'1"W x 9'9"L

Galvanized Steel Base 8.3

Premium 9.9 Greenhouse with Green Frame 9'1"W x 12'2"L

Premium 9.9 Greenhouse 9'1"W x 12'2"L

Galvanized Steel Base 9.9

Premium 12.1 Greenhouse with Green Frame 9'1"W x 14'6"L

Premium 12.1 Greenhouse 9'1"W x 14'6"L

Galvanized Steel Base 12.1

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