Premixed Grout

Using premixed grout is a popular method for do-it-yourselfers installing tile. Premixed grout presents you with a few advantages over the traditional method. Here are some things to consider about premixed grout and what it can do for you.

Advantages of Premixed Grout

  • Save time- When you buy premixed grout, you are cutting out a step of the process. You can take it directly from the bucket and put it on the floor. You do not have to waste time mixing the grout and determining if you did it correctly. 
  • Avoid mistakes- One of the biggest problems with people mixing their own grout is that they do not do it properly. If you add too much water to the mixture, the grout will be too runny. This will not provide the consistency that you need for the installation. 

Other Considerations

While it can be to your advantage in certain situations, there are a few drawbacks as well. For one thing, you have to buy it in buckets instead of large bags. If you are doing a large area of tile, you will have to buy many more buckets to get the job done. The other drawback is that it will add to the cost of the project. You have to buy more units, meaning it is more expensive than regular grout.