Preparations before Installing an Above Ground Pool

Before you start a project such as installing above ground pool in your garden, you need to do a lot of preparation. Careful preparation will ensure that you have the right information on your pool, and that you are placing it in the correct location for your needs. Consider all of the aspects of your installation before you begin.

Working out the Position

If you are going to place the pool on your land, then you will need to mark out the exact position where it will go, and then work out where water lines, power supplies, and other features will be coming from. Work out the area where the pool will be best placed, preferably somewhere near a water line.

Getting Permission

Another vital feature is getting permission from your local authority to allow the pool. You are usually required to have a permit for the pool, and the authority can also provide you with details of requirements, such as pool ladders and tiling, or where to find an approved electrician. Both of these details can be vitally important.


Before you make the first cut into your ground, you should also work out how much this will all cost. Don't just calculate the pool and the installation. Over time the pool will need to be cleaned, and this will cost money, and you may also need to take out more insurance.