Preparing a Concrete Crack Repair Kit Preparing a Concrete Crack Repair Kit

If you need to use a concrete crack repair kit on a floor or path, then you will need to prepare the kit, and the surrounding piece of concrete, before you begin. The concrete crack repair kit is designed so that you need to add the different compounds together in order to make the substance suitably sticky. This preparation then needs to be placed onto the concrete quickly, so preparing the ground should be done before the kit is prepared. Both of these projects can be done in a few hours, and they do not require any outside help.

Preparing the Surface

The concrete itself needs to be properly cleaned and washed before you can apply the concrete crack repair kit to it. Be sure to remove any oil or grease which has fallen onto the surface. This can be difficult if you are trying to repair a piece of concrete which has had a car parked on it, or which has been used in the kitchen, but you must get it clean before you can add the proper repair solution. Without this cleaning, you will find that the concrete repair kit does not stick to the crack. You will also need to wash away any former attempts to repair the crack, such as previous sealers, hardeners, or coatings. Use a blast cleaner to take these off, as they will affect the sticking power of the concrete crack repair.

Preparing the Mixture

Follow the manufacturer's advice, as instructed on the leaflet in the kit. Take out all of the packets, and be sure that you know what each of them contains. Place the two compounds into the mixing pot, and then stir continuously for 2 minutes. You should try to go around in a spiral pattern while you are mixing this substance. Be sure not to add more to the pail than the amounts provided in one pot, as you may affect the blending otherwise. Make sure that you don't introduce air into the compound as you stir. As you move the mixture, add the aggregate to the pot. Turn the mix around for a further minute, or until the aggregate is completely mixed in.

Pouring the Mixture

Once you have mixed the parts together, you need to pour it out immediately. Any amount of time between finishing stirring and adding it to the concrete will mean that the mix starts to harden. Pour it out instantly over the crack, and spread it out using a trowel or putty knife. Keep the mixture moving until you have covered over all of the cracks. The concrete crack repair mix should be spread out so that the edges of it are completely flush with the original floor, as this will ensure that you don't get a lump in your concrete that could be easily dislodged. Leave the mix to dry for several hours before testing.

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