Preparing a New Ceiling Fan for Installation Preparing a New Ceiling Fan for Installation

What You'll Need
Drill and drill bits
Keyhole saw
Support brace
Outlet box
Electrical cable
Wood screws
Ceiling medallion
Urethane-based adhesive
Connector for electrical wire

Ceiling fans are very popular among a lot of home owners, since this home appliance not only adds a dramatic look on the room, but it is also a great way to save on energy bills. Using ceiling fans during the summer to create a breeze minimizes the strain on air conditioners, while it can circulate heated air during the cold winter months.  Installing a ceiling fan is relatively easy, but before you do that, it is important that you prepare the fan prior to its installation. Thus, here are some of the ways for you to prepare the new ceiling fan for installation.

Step 1 - Select the Location where the Fan will be Installed

Selecting the right location where the fan will be installed is very important, since it is necessary to determine the safety, reliability of operation, efficiency and energy savings of the ceiling fan. The desired fan site must be an area of your ceiling where no other obstructions are found, such as posts or lighting fixtures.

Step 2 - Cut the Ceiling Hole

Once you have located the right fan site, the next thing that you need to do is to cut a 4 inch diameter hole through the ceiling. This will be used to install the support brace and the outlet box which the ceiling fan will be connected to.  

Step 3 - Install the Support Brace and Outlet Box

After the hole has been made, install the support brace above the ceiling hole. Attach the support brace to a ceiling joist, so the ceiling can support the weight and spinning force of the fan. Once the support brace has been installed, feed an electrical cable through it to hold the outlet box just below the support brace.  Attach the box to the joist by driving the screw to it. Use a drill to facilitate the screw onto the joist. Connect the outlet box to your home’s wiring system. You can consult an electrician to do this step for you.

Step 4 - Glue the Ceiling Medallion

Apply a urethane-based adhesive to the back of the ceiling medallion, to hold it firmly in place. Make sure that the medallion does not cover the hole that you have made earlier. Let it dry for several hours before you fasten the medallion to the joist, using several finishing nails.  Once fastened, pass the wires through the medallion.

Step 5 -  Mount the Fan’s Ceiling Plate

Attach the ceiling plate of the fan after the medallion has been installed successfully. The plate is necessary to provide added support to the ceiling fan. Use machine screws to hold the plate firmly in place. Make sure that the electrical wires pass through the plate. since the wires will be used to connect the fan later on. 

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