Preparing an Area for Preformed Concrete Steps Preparing an Area for Preformed Concrete Steps

What You'll Need
Carpenter's square
Tape measure
Pencil and paper
Grease pencil
Crushed gravel
Garden cloth
Soil rake
Soil tamper

Proper preparation in the area where you want to install preformed concrete steps will ensure safe, level steps for years of foot traffic. Follow this procedure to prepare the area for preformed concrete steps:

Step 1: Check the Area Where You Want to Install Steps

A solid poured concrete slab or firm patio stones next to the house wall will serve as a base for preformed steps. Check the base is level, and has no heaving or shifting from soil moisture below.

Step 2: Measure the Step Base Area

Measure the distance from the house wall to the outer edge of the bottom step. On your base, draw an outline of the preformed steps with a grease pencil, squaring the corners with the carpenter's square.

Step 3: Dig A Base into the Lawn for Steps

To set steps into a lawn, measure the base size and dig down 6 inches into the turf inside the outline. Level the base with a soil tamper, lay garden cloth across the bottom and up 4 inches on all sides, and fill with crushed stone. Compact the stones with the tamper, and level the area with a soil rake.

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