Preparing Concrete for Vinyl Tile

  • 24-48 hours
  • Beginner
  • 120-400
What You'll Need
Household degreasing agent
Concrete repair materials
Dust mop
Self-leveling compound

If you are planning to install vinyl tile on a concrete floor, the concrete will need to be prepared correctly or the tile will not correctly adhere to the floor. The unhappy result will be tiles that either pull up, curl or crack. In addition, the manufacturer warrantee may be considered invalid due to improper installation.

Clean the Cement Thoroughly
You can clean the cement floor completely by using a household degreasing agent. This will remove any wax, dirt or built-up grime on the concrete. Apply the degreasing agent with a mop and make sure you rinse the water off of the concrete entirely. Before applying the vinyl tile, make sure the concrete floor is completely dry.

Also vacuum and sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt and dust. After vacuuming, use a dust mop to remove any remaining dust.

Level the Floor and Repair Any Damage

Concrete floors are notorious for minute pits and damage. Before you can correctly install vinyl tile you need to repair and patch any damage to the floor.

This includes cracks, pits and holes. Let the patching compound dry completely.

Another problem that is common with concrete floors is sloping and lack of level. Check the level of the floor by placing a marble on the floor. If the marble rolls then the floor is not level. Use a self leveling compound that is designed for concrete floors to correct this problem. Once the compound is dry, then you will be ready to apply the vinyl tile.

Regardless of what type of vinyl tile you are planning to install, preparing the existing concrete floor correctly will help make the vinyl last for years.