Preparing to Install Half-Round Gutters Preparing to Install Half-Round Gutters

Half round gutters are a traditional gutter style that has been phased out in favor of modern alternatives. However, if you are renovating an older building or installing gutters on a roof that has crown molding instead of fascia board, half-round gutters may be a good choice for you. Follow these tips to make the installation go smoothly.

Choose Amount and Dimensions of Materials

The first part of the project is planning it out and buying the materials. You will need enough length of gutter to cover the entire perimeter of your roof. The diameter of the gutters and leaders depends on the volume of rainwater to drain. The drainage of a half-round gutter with a given diameter is equivalent to the drainage of a K-style gutter with diameter of 1 inch less. Slope the gutters down 1 inch every 400 linear feet. Half-round gutters are more expensive than most substitutes, so prepare to make the investment.

Consider Snow Guards

Half-round gutters are best adapted for winter weather, but a snow guard will help reduce shear stress from accumulated weight.

Use Extra Fasteners

Some of your fasteners will eventually fail, so plan to use a few extra. This prevents the gutter from falling off the roof later.

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