Preparing Your Windows for Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds can add to the overall design and feel of your home. These blinds are especially popular because they compliment both traditional and modern homes, as well as being extremely functional. If you plan on vamping up your windows with plantation blinds, there are a few things that you can do to prepare and make the process go smoothly. Here is a quick guide to help you. 

Clean the Window

Begin by cleaning off the window that you will be working on. You can dust or vacuum around it, and then use a damp cloth and a cleaner that is appropriate to wipe down the window completely. Be sure to let it dry before you move on to the installation process. 

Measure the Window

Use a tape measure to get all of the dimensions of the window so you can order the appropriate plantation blinds. Measuring will help you plan out the type of blinds and also give you an idea of the tools that you will need. 

Mark the Window

You will want to make markings with a pencil on the window so that the installation process can go by smoothly. Mark the bottom of the head rail and add an 1/8 of an inch to each side so that you can add the brackets. 

Once you have set everything up, you can purchase your plantation blinds and begin installation.