Preserving Barn Wood

A barn.

There is an entire industry dedicated to providing old barn wood for the construction of furniture and house siding. Unlike modern wood finishing techniques, Mother Nature has already provided the natural preservation of barn wood. Therefore, the only preservation you are involved with is how you plan to use your reclaimed barn wood in your next project. Here are some ideas.


Most sellers of reclaimed barn wood offer it “as-is,” and find a few color variations that include natural red, brown, and white. The color variations are due to the different wood species and how this wood was exposed to the elements over time. Reclaimed barn wood can be transformed into a variety of furniture presentations including benches, tables, headboards, cabinets, end and coffee tables.


A popular use for reclaimed barn wood is framing for both artwork and photographs adding a rustic country accent.


Many popular uses in home design today include the use of reclaimed barn wood. Old barns are salvaged for roof beams and trusses as well as used for siding, floor planking, crown molding, closet doors, and many other construction uses. Reclaimed material is also excellent for making a barn or barn doors as well.

Things to Remember

Many farmers will let you have the wood in exchange for tearing it down and removing it.