Pressure Balance Control

Pressure balance control is a term that refers to a type of plumbing faucet. It is an advancement in technology for plumbing fixtures that allows for control in the water pressure due to slight changes in water supply.

Before Pressure Balance Control

Before pressure balance control existed, the plumbing faucet typically had a water-controlling cartridge. When the single-handed faucet is lifted, the cartridge opens the water supply. When it is tipped to the left, the cartridge opens the hot water passage. 

When tipped to the right, the cold water passage is opened. Although there were several advancements before the pressure control balance, there was no advancement that addressed the issue of pressure changes in the water.

The Pressure Balance Control Mechanism Introduced

The pressure balance control mechanism is a simple device that allows the continuation of the flow of water despite sudden changes in water pressure. For instance, when a toilet is flushed, the mechanism ensures that water flowing from an ongoing shower does not become suddenly scalding hot or freezing cold. Although it is considered to be“comfort advancement”, pressure balance control is also a safety feature.