Pressure Washer Extension Wand

Used to extend the reach of a pressure washer gun by as much as 24 feet, a pressure washer extension wand is used by both professionals and homeowners. Homeowners may find an extension wand useful when cleaning high-placed gutters and eaves or the roof of a recreational vehicle. Professional cleaners use extension wands to reach up the side of a 2- or 3-story building, to hose off signs or clean large industrial equipment. 

Extension Wand Specifications

Extension wands for pressure washers are telescoping units that feature 2 to 4 aluminum or fiberglass shafts with successively smaller diameters. When in storage, the smaller shafts slide into the base shaft. With heavy-duty screw connectors, the smaller shafts are pulled out and locked into place, extending the reach of the trigger gun. Extension wands are rated according to max PSI, water flow rate and, for wands used with hot water pressure washers, a maximum allowable temperature. 

Other Features

Pressure washer extension wands attach to a hose and water propulsion accessories by means of quick-connect couplers. Extension wands typically allow an operator to add 18 to 24 feet in reach. Wands may include a high-pressure hose but specifically for cold or hot-water specifications. Some operators choose to wear a back belt which helps to reduce strain on the body.