Pressure Washer Garden Hose

To the inlet port of a pressure washer a garden hose attaches, supplying the powerful cleaning tool with a constant source of water. The outlet port coming off of the pump requires a specially-designed hose capable of handling the highly-pressurized water generated by the machine. As an alternative to using a dedicated pressure washer, garden hose attachments are available that effectively triple the water pressure. While this does not provide the same power as an electric or gas-fueled pressure washer, it does offer more kick than a plain hose. 

Power Washer Brush

Connecting directly to the garden hose, a power washer brush immediately increases the water pressure of the hose. The pressure won't be comparable to the jet blast from a 1500-PSI pressure washer, but it will provide added strength when cleaning decks, driveways, roofs, patios and other surfaces. With the attached brush, what the tool lacks in power can be made up for in the ability to scrub a surface while spraying it. 

Pressure Rating

Even the strongest of garden hoses possess a PSI rating of only 500, too low to support the kind of power emitted from a full-strength pressure washer. Never attempt to connect a garden hose to the outlet port of a pressure washer, for it may burst, ruining the hose and potentially causing damage or injury.