Pressure Washer Hose

A pressure washer hose can rightfully be thought of as the working end of a pressure washer. While the pump is the component generating the pressure, the hose is the part necessary to channel and direct the compressed water onto a surface. Due to the high pressures involved, a hose should be rated in accordance with the specifications of the washer. Length, color and diameter can vary, but the temperature rating, maximum PSI rating and construction must suit the kind of power the pressure washer produces. 

Hose Design Options

A pressure washer hose consists of an inner core, a wire wrap and an outer cover. The inner core is the component that comes into direct contact with the pressurized water. The wire wrap is a single- or dual-layered protective covering configured around the inner core in a braided pattern. Single wire-wrapped hoses are commonly referred to as R1 hoses, while dual-wrapped units are known in the business as R2 hoses. Hoses rated at 5000 PSI or higher or those used with hot water pressure washers are dual-wrapped for added strength. The outer cover is a rubber or thermoplastic coating surrounding the other two components. Rubber outer covers are the better choice between the two. 

Hose Specifications

When looking at replacement or additional pressure washer hoses, look first at the maximum PSI rating. It's a good idea to purchase hose rated higher than the pressure washer itself to ensure a quality jet every time. For operators of hot water pressure washers, the hose will have to feature a high temperature rating to sustain the heat. Many hoses are rated at 250 degrees. The quick-couple attachment ends of a hose should match the corresponding part on the pump. 

Pressure washer hoses may be available through the manufacturer. Several quality universal hoses are available as well and are designed to fit multiple machines. If looking to increase range, consider linking two 50-foot hoses rather than buying a single 100-foot hose. That way, if one is damaged the washer can still be used.