Pressure Washer Nozzle Size

The importance of pressure washer nozzle size is that with each size nozzle, a different type of jet is created. Connecting to the end of a trigger gun or lance by means of either a screw-in thread or more popularly, a quick-connect coupler, pressure washer nozzles influence the force and direction of the water jet. Nozzles are color coded to provide quick identification. Each color corresponds to a different orifice size, the internal part of the nozzle through which the pressurize water passes. 

Different Nozzle Colors and Sizes

The different nozzles included in a standard pressure washer set are red, yellow, green, white and black. The red nozzle is the most powerful with no limitations on the blast. Red nozzles produce a pencil-shaped jet useful for blasting between bricks, hosing off dried mud and quickly removing moss from a wall. The yellow, green and white nozzles are fan nozzles. They are shaped differently and create a 15, 25 and 40-degree fan of water. The orifice size of these nozzles is altered to disperse the water outward rather than in a concentrated stream. Black nozzles are lower-pressure fixtures used to mix water with chemicals. 


While the red, full-jet nozzle is used for the high-impact removal, the yellow fan nozzle is used to chisel away at dirt, grime, moss and other debris. The green and white nozzles are useful for washing and rinsing and are safer for delicate materials.