Pressure Washer Pump Oil

The use of the right pressure washer pump oil is imperative to ensure the machine functions properly. Like in a motor, oil is used to lubricate the moving parts, preventing them from overheating and damaging the components beyond repair. Pressure washer pump maintenance is no exception and requires periodic, regular oil changes just a like a vehicle. There are a number of different oils used to lubricate pressure washer pumps, so it is important to be entirely sure. Consulting the manual is the best way to verify the weight and type of oil used by a pressure washer pump.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Varieties

Most pressure washers require a 30-weight, non-detergent oil. Car motor oil, even of the same weight should never be used. Other pressure washers feature pumps with gearboxes attached. For these units, use 80-weight 90 pump oil. These types of pump oil are used on electric pressure washers. Pressure washers that are gas fueled require oil for the motor as well, commonly 10W-30, but do not confuse this oil with the oil used in the pump.

Oil Changes

Manufacturers advise that the pump oil first be changed after 3 months or 15 to 20 hours of use. From then on out, pressure washer pump oil should be changed after every 200 hours of use. Commercially-used pressure washers will require more frequent oil changes.