Pressure Washer Pump Parts Explained Pressure Washer Pump Parts Explained

Pressure washer pump parts enable you to clean dirt and grime from hard to reach corners and surfaces. Pressure pumps themselves can be used effectively to clean the walls of buildings especially. They can also be used to wash pavements and cars. The advantage of these products is that you don’t normally need to use a ladder to reach the highest points. There are various types of pressure washer pumps available including cold pressure washer pumps and hot pressure washer pumps. Whichever pump you have, the pump parts are fairly standard.

The Motor Part

With any pressure washer pump, the motor is perhaps the most important part that is required. This is attached to the power and pressure is then built up by the engine on the pump. This is done by compressing the water.

The High Pressure Washer Hose and Accessories

The high pressure washer hose consists of a tube that is hollow and pretty flexible. Water is pumped by the engine in the pump and then sprayed out by the pressure hose. This is sprayed out in short bursts on in one long continuous burst. Depending on the power of the pump, this will determine the pressure of the water being sent out. It is worth noting that in the winter months when it is very cold, the water can expand meaning the pump and hose can get damaged. The hose reel is either made of plastic or metal and is used to store the hose pipe. These are available as a model that can stand on its own or mounted on a wall for ease of use. The great advantage of a hose reel is that the hose will stay free of knots and tangles. It will also be protected from damage. You can also keep things organized and not have the hose lying about on the floor. On your hose there is a nozzle that is used to adjust water pressure coming out, depending on the angle you have it set to. For the highest pressure of water you can have, you will need to set the nozzle to the smallest degree. The angle you position the nozzle to is dependent on the size of the area you are trying to clean.

Other Pressure Water Pump Parts

When cleaning your house and walls it’s important that you have the right mix of water with detergent and in the right measures. This is where a detergent injector comes in handy as the detergent is combined with the water in the injector correctly. An unloader is also very important when it comes to pressure water pumps. It can help to reduce the water pressure in the pump if it gets too high and helps protect against damage caused by bursting pipes or pumps. The valve helps to control the flow of water through the pipes and hose. It can be fitted to the pipe and means you can restrict the amount of water coming out. Finally, there is the pressure washer gun which is very easy to use. It comes complete with a lock feature that locks automatically to prevent using by accident.

In order to keep your pressure washer pump working correctly the parts need to be looked after frequently so they do not break down.

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