Pressure Washer Replacement Pump

Depending on the make and model of the tool, a pressure washer replacement pump may need to be a factory-made part, or it may be universal in design. The heart of a pressure washer, the pump is the component that pressurizes the water to a high degree, making the tool useful for high-impact cleaning. While proper maintenance is a requirement, the pump is not usually to blame for a malfunctioning pressure washer. Before replacing the part which can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, be certain that the pump is faulty and not something else like the nozzle.

Replacement Pump Specifications

When replacing a pressure washer pump, it is vital to match up the specifications to the existing pump. Otherwise the device will not function properly. Pumps are made to fit specific engine faceplates. Common pump specifications include 3- and 4-bolt mounting designs. It is also important to get a replacement pump suitable to the horsepower of the motor as well as the GPM flow rate and the max PSI. The shaft diameter, too, should match.

Finding Parts

It should not be difficult to locate a replacement pressure washer pump. Factory-made pumps are usually available from the pressure washer manufacturer. Universal pumps may cost less, but pump and pressure washer specs need to match in order to be effective.