Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

A pressure washer turbo nozzle is designed to take a high-powered jet of water and further concentrate it into an even more powerful jet. Used for zero degree spray applications, turbo nozzles can damage sensitive materials like wood. Similar to the red nozzle included with a standard set, pressure washer turbo nozzles do not fan the jet of water. Turbo nozzles are rated to deliver a high-powered stream of water up to a maximum PSI. For hot water pressure washing, turbo nozzles suitable for high-temp application must be used. 

Turbo Nozzle Application

Turbo nozzles work best with particular electric or gas-fueled pressure washer built to high-powered specifications. For instance, a turbo nozzle rated up to 5000 PSI is most suitable with washers that produce 3000 to 5000 PSI. A variety of different turbo nozzles are available, each designed for use with pressure washers of a particular power capability. Due to their high-powered jet, turbo nozzles should not be used to wash or rinse. They are reserved primarily for removing caked-on mud from machinery, cleaning out loose grout on a brick path or for blasting the underside of a lawnmower among other things. 

Nozzle Selection

With any pressure washer, it is important to have a full selection of nozzles on hand for every application. These include a turbo nozzle, standard red zero degree nozzle, the 3 fan nozzles and a black chemical nozzle.