Pressure Washer Wand

To increase the functionality of a pressure washer, a wand is often employed. An important accessory for commercial applications, homeowners, too, may find a use for an extension wand, a telescoping device that can effectively increase the reach of a pressure washer spray gun by up to 24 feet. Pressure washer wands are constructed out of either fiberglass or aluminum. Their relatively lightweight frame allows an operator to use one without experiencing too much fatigue. 

Design Specifications

Pressure washer extension wands feature heavy duty screw connectors used to fix the position of each telescopic shaft. Wands are designed to accept industry standard quick-connect couplers attached to hoses and spray accessories for easy changeover. Like a pressure washer hose, extension wands are rated according to the maximum PSI the device can withstand as well as the maximum water flow-through rate measured in gallons per minute. Additionally, hot water rated extension wands can channel hot water heated up to 250 degrees for high intensity steam cleaning. 


For professional use, a pressure washer wand lets an operator reach up to 3 stories high when cleaning the sides of buildings, gutters, eaves or windows. Pressure washer extension wands make the cleaning of large farm and industrial equipment, marquis signs, buses, RVs, aircraft and other things more manageable. Homeowners looking to hose down a roof, high downspouts or a tall outbuilding will appreciate the reach of a pressure washer wand as well. 


A pressure washer wand comes with everything needed to reach out-of-the-way places. Quick-couple ends, a built-in handle and a durable single or dual wire wrapped hose are included with the wand. Most are available at a cost ranging from $100 to $250. Brands including General Pump, Mi TM Corp and Cam Spray produce a variety of extension wands in both aluminum and fiberglass models. Depending on the wand, it may feature a maximum reach of 18 to 24 feet.