Pressure Assisted Toilet vs Gravity Assisted Toilet

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A pressure-assisted toilet is something you don't ordinarily see in a typical family home. They are a new design for toilets, and they are normally found in commercial buildings. You are more likely to have a conventional gravity assisted toilet, the design of which has hardly altered over the years. Read this article to understand the pros and cons of both types of toilet.

Pros of Gravity-Assisted

From the exterior, there are not obvious differences between gravity-assisted and pressure-assisted toilets. The differences are inside the tank. In a gravity-assisted toilet tank, you will see the usual flange, filler pipes, and valves that you have come to know. These parts are easily replaced.

Cons of Gravity-Assisted

There really are very few cons to these old favorites. The only downside is that they sweat in humid climates.

Pros of Pressure-Assisted

Pressure-assisted toilets are tank-in-tank style. The sealed plastic tank sits inside the main exterior tank. All you see is a water intake and a flushing cartridge. The flush pressure more efficient than gravity, which saves money on water bills. The tank inside the tank prevents sweating.

Cons of Pressure-Assisted

These toilets are uncommon. Despite the spare parts all being made identically, they are not as readily available as their gravity toilet counterparts. Some outlets do not sell the spare parts to the public.