Presto 4 Quart Pressure Cooker

The smallest of their available models, the Presto 4-quart pressure cooker selection includes both stainless steel and aluminum units. Compact and stylish, a Presto pressure cooker will quickly become an invaluable component of any kitchen. Praised for its versatility, ease of use and overall quality, the 4-quart stovetop vessel is useful for water baths, canning and cooking. Pressure cookers prepare meals 3 to 10 times faster than other cookware. Thanks to its seal, flavor and nutrient levels are preserved, resulting in tasty, evenly-cooked foods every time.

Pressure Cooker Design Features

Priced between $60 and $70, Presto 4-quart pressure cookers feature a durable heavy-gauge aluminum or stainless steel construction. A cover lock indicator tells a user that the correct seal is made, while the regulator maintains the adequate pressure level automatically. A pressure/steam release valve makes the unit safe to open immediately after use. Use the 4-quart vessel on either a regular or a smooth top range.


Give jars and lids a water bath, can and preserve meats, vegetables, fruits and more, or use the appliance to prepare favorite meals. Presto pressure cookers are extremely versatile, and with their quality construction, they should last a long time. Coming with a cooking rack and instruction manual, everything one needs to get started is included at a very affordable price.