Presto 6 Quart Pressure Cooker

Also available in 4-, 8- and 23-quart models, the Presto 6-quart pressure cooker is a middle size option that performs equally well and is just as versatile as other sizes. One of the benefits inherent in choosing a 6-quart model is the options it affords. Presto offers several different pressure cooker models in this particular size, including stainless steel, aluminum and an electric-powered model. The electric 6-quart model features a stainless steel design.

Pressure Cooker Advantages

Not just for canning and preserving, pressure cookers provide a sealed cooking chamber that prepares foods as much as 10 times faster than an ordinary piece of cookware. Low-calorie meals are easy to make, and the flavors and nutrients are preserved. Presto pressure cookers heat quickly and evenly. Their durable construction virtually ensures a long life, even with frequent use. The included instruction booklet contains many recipes and hints to get the most out of the vessel.

Options and Features

Presto 6-quart pressure cookers for use on regular or smooth top stoves include stainless steel and aluminum models. The lone electric model runs on standard household power. Features include cover lock indicator, pressure regulator and pressure release. The easy-to-read gauge reduces the likelihood of error, while the warp-resistant metal won't lose its shape.