Presto 8 Quart Pressure Cooker

Available in just one size, a Presto 8-quart pressure cooker is a convenient, efficient way to prepare foods, give water baths to canning jars, and for canning itself. Also coming in 4-, 6- and 23-quart sizes, Presto pressure cookers help foods retain their nutritional levels and preserve their flavor. The 8-quart model from Presto is available in heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless steel models. Both are intended for stovetop use and are compatible with regular and smooth top ranges.

Pressure Cooker Design

The 8-quart Presto pressure cooker features a multi-clad design. A layer of aluminum is positioned between an interior and exterior layer of stainless steel for that particular model, while the all-aluminum variety is cast solid. Features include a pressure/steam release valve, pressure regulator and cover lock indicator. With their nonstick surfaces, Presto pressure cookers clean up quick. They heat up and cook faster and more evenly than traditional cookware, and thanks to their durable design, with proper care a long life is possible.


Use a pressure cooker for preparing foods up to 10 times faster. Making low-calorie, high-nutrient meals is best with a pressure cooker, as the enclosed space doesn't boil away all vitamins and minerals. A steamer basket made of stainless steel or aluminum is included with an 8-quart pressure cooker, as is the 64-page instruction and recipe booklet.