Presto Cooker

Getting the most out of a Presto cooker starts with choosing the right model to suit the needs of the kitchen or household in general. Presto offers a number of different small kitchen appliances, from pressure and multi cookers to large canners, bacon cookers and deep fryers. Their multi cooker line includes several versatile units that are useful for everything from preparing rice to making a roast. Pressure cookers from Presto are known for their quality and dependability. Stylishly designed, compact and easy to use and maintain, Presto cookers offer an affordable solution to food preparation and storage.

Cooker Options

Priced from about $40 to $140, Presto cookers do not cost an arm and a leg, but they do provide a high-end means to perform various culinary tasks. Pressure cookers are available in stainless steel and aluminum varieties. With 4-, 6-, 8- and 23-quart models to choose from, Presto provides plenty of size options. Most are stovetop units, but they do offer a 6-quart electric-powered model. Multi cookers from Presto also come in aluminum and stainless steel. They feature tempered glass lids, nonstick surfaces and a 1200- to 1500-Watt power draw.


Pressure cookers feature sealable lids with a cover lock indicator. The 23-quart unit won't build pressure unless the lid is fastened correctly. A regulator maintains the optimal pressure level, while the steam/pressure release valve makes the top safe for opening. Use a pressure cooker for water baths, canning, preserving or preparing food.


Cooking up to 10 times faster than standard cookware, Presto cookers seal in flavor and don't lose all the nutrients to steam. Their nonstick surfaces help make cleanup fast and easy, and they are compatible with regular and smooth top ranges. Multi cookers are dishwasher safe with the heat element removed. They can be used to steam veggies, make rice or pasta or even slow cook a roast. Multi cookers include a heavy-duty handled basket, while pressure cookers come with a cooking rack and instruction booklet.