Presto Deep Fryer

With nearly a dozen available models, every Presto deep fryer offers a household kitchen a very convenient means of cooking popular fried foods. Whether it's chicken, vegetables, seafood or donuts, a kitchen deep fryer from Presto accomplishes it quickly, effectively and without a big mess to clean up. Presto offers a number of distinct deep fryer models, including one with dual immersible baskets and one with a single, divided cooking cavity. Electric powered, Presto deep fryers use about 1,800 Watts and run on standard 120-volt electricity.

Presto Models

Presto offers several different models of home deep fryers that are categorized according to series. Select series come in more than one color and include:

  • QuickCool ProFry Stainless Steel
  • GranPappy and GranPappy Elite
  • CoolDaddy Cool Touch
  • Digital ProFry
  • Dual Basket ProFry
  • DualDaddy
  • FryDaddy

Exterior design ranges from stylish stainless steel to anodized aluminum and high-impact plastic. Presto deep fryers range in price from about $25 up to $125. Very affordable, they provide a dependable way to cook restaurant-quality fried foods in one's own kitchen.


Some of the features found on Presto deep fryers include up to a 9-cup capacity, adjustable thermostat and power-on indicator light. Select models feature an odor filter built into the cover to reduce cooking smells. Other features include a removable heating element and a porcelain enamel oil vessel with a convenient dishwasher-safe design.