Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker

The 6-quart Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker performs a wide variety of cooking tasks, from steaming and making rice to deep frying, roasting and blanching. A great countertop appliance, Presto cookers are easy to use, easy to clean and store away neatly. Extremely versatile, you may find yourself using the stovetop and oven less and less with a cooker from Presto. Running on standard 120-volt electricity, the Kitchen Kettle cooker draws 1200 Watts.

Cooker Design

The Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker features a sleek, nonstick interior as well as exterior, making it very easy to clean after use. Remove the heat control element, and the unit is dishwasher safe. Made from heavy-gauge aluminum, the Multi Cooker heats fast and evenly and has a long life, thanks to its durable design. A versatile aluminum basket with handle is included. The Control Master function maintains the proper temperature, while the tempered glass lid makes for easy viewing of internal contents.


Use the Kitchen Kettle from Presto to prepare rice quickly and without a big mess. Likewise, the appliance is useful for steaming veggies, making pasta or even roasting chicken, ham or other meats. This multifunctional cooker may prove to be the preferred method for food preparation. At around $40, it's a very reasonable price for such a versatile countertop unit.