Presto Pressure Cooker

Available in numerous sizes and ideal for everything from canning and preserving to food preparation, a Presto pressure cooker is an affordable appliance that is extraordinarily versatile. Presto pressure cookers come in 2 basic materials: stainless steel and heavy-gauge aluminum. The manufacturer offers both stovetop and electric-powered cookers as well. Included with every Presto pressure cooker are a handy instruction booklet complete with recipes and a cooking rack.


Built out of durable aluminum or stainless steel, pressure cookers from Presto feature fully sealable lids with a cover lock indicator. A regulator maintains the accurate pressure level during use, while the pressure and steam release valve makes it safe to open right after the cooking is done. The lid must be properly sealed before the unit will function, and the anti-warping metal cooker will last a household a very long time if properly maintained.


Presto offers pressure cookers in several sizes, including 4-, 6-, 8- and 23-quart models. The 6-quart variety provides the most options, with aluminum, stainless steel and electric models available. 4- and 8-quart cookers are all stovetop models that come in aluminum or stainless steel, while the oversized 23-quart cooker is made from aluminum. With a cost of $40 to $140, there's a Presto pressure cooker for every budget.