Presto Rice Cooker

Given its numerous applications, a Presto rice cooker is more aptly called a multi cooker. Available in a number of different sizes and materials, Presto rice cookers do a whole lot more than prepare rice. Use the convenient countertop appliance to steam, blanch, even deep fry. Very affordable, stylishly designed and versatile, Presto multi/rice cookers make a great first choice when preparing certain foods. Even with an oven range, sometimes a multi cooker is still the best tool for the task.

Presto Cooker Options

Presto multi cookers are available in 4-, 6- and 8-quart varieties. Loaded with operational features, the cookers come in both stainless steel and aluminum models. Fully dishwasher safe provided the heating control element is removed, Presto cookers work fast, clean up easily and store tidily on a countertop or in a cupboard. Don't bother making rice on the stovetop again when it's so simple with a Presto rice cooker.


Powered by standard 120-volt electricity, Presto rice cookers feature specially-designed Control Master technology which uses a heat control to automatically maintain the desired temperature level without fluctuation. Presto cookers also feature tempered glass lids and nonstick interior and exterior surfaces. 6-quart models can serve up to 6, whether it's vegetables, rice, pasta or a roast being prepared.