Presto Slow Cooker

While technically a multi cooker, the Presto slow cooker collection includes several available units with a 6-quart capacity. Multifunctional in scope, use a Presto cooker to make everything from rice to roasts. With its easy operation, clean, sleek design and versatility, a Presto slow cooker makes a valuable addition to any kitchen. Dishwasher safe as long as the heating control is removed, Presto cookers require only a standard household power supply. Cleanup is fast and easy, and the cooker tidily stores in a cabinet or on the countertop.

Slow Cooker Design

The Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker is one such slow cooker offered by Presto. Made from heavy-gauge aluminum, the small appliance has a nonstick interior and exterior, which makes cleaning quick. A versatile basket, stainless steel or aluminum depending on the cooker model, can be used for steaming, frying or blanching. The Control Master function automatically maintains the optimal temperature during use. This 6-quart cooker features a tempered glass lid and a 1200 to 1500-Watt element.


Serve up to 6 people at once with a Presto slow cooker, whether preparing veggies, pasta, rice or a roast. With a price ranging from about $40 to $70, Presto offers an affordable means to quickly and cleanly make a favorite meal.