Prevent Air Pollution: 3 Non Aerosol Alternatives to Try

We are trying more and more to help find ways to our environment; pollution is one of the things we fight against. There is one easy change that we can make for our environment and health, that is, use inexpensive non-aerosol alternatives.

Removing Odors

We all love a fresh smelling home. Pet odors and food odors in the air are always a challenge. An alternative to aerosol room spray is plain vinegar. You can use it undiluted in a spray bottle and spray as you would any other air freshener into the air or carpet. The vinegar removes the odors. Another easy alternative is to add dryer sheets to your ceiling vents for an added burst of freshness when your air kicks on.

Furniture Polish

Cooking oil can be used to polish your wood furniture. If you prefer the scent of lemon, add a few drops of lemon extract, or your favorite essential oil. Be sure to wipe it clean so there is not an oily residue left behind.

Starch substitutes

To keep clothes looking crisp and fresh, try mixing cornstarch with water instead of using aerosol spray starch. In a 12-ounce spray bottle, mix one teaspoon to a few tablespoons of the cornstarch and mix with water. Adding a little at a time, test on a dishcloth until it is the crispness you desire.