Prevent Clogged Air Conditioner Drain

There are many reasons why an air conditioner drain may become clogged. The drain pipes may get clogged with dust, sludge or mold. Getting a professional to help clean out the drain can be an expensive solution as you may have to do so often. Unclogging an air conditioner is important to prevent drips and from completely shutting down. If it is left clogged over a period of time then it may lead to irreversible damage leading to replacement of expensive parts.

Why Does the Air Conditioner Get Clogged?

If you have had an air conditioner for a long time then it is likely to get clogged at some point of time. The dust particles, mold or other particles start collecting at the bottom of the pipe. At some point the particles will collect in a place and cause a blockage. The condensation in the pipe is not enough to completely clear out the drain. Once the blockage is in place the water will not be able to drain out causing the air conditioner to leak.

How to Clean a Clogged Air Conditioner Drain?

Cleaning out the drain yourself is not difficult and you can do this yourself easily. Make sure that your air conditioner is switched of completely from the main line. Inside the air conditioner panel you will find a drain pan that will be filled with water if there is a blockage. Clean out this drain pan completely until dry. Next locate the drain pipe and unclog the bottom of the pipe. Make sure that the pipe is sticking out of the ground and not embedded into the ground. Dig out the pipe if it is under the earth as this could be a reason for the blockage. The pipe should allow the water to run free at the bottom. You can use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that the bottom of the pipe is free of restriction. You can also use the pressure of water to push through the restriction in the pipe. You can reconnect the panel and start your air conditioner once again. Leave it on for some time to make sure that there is no more leakage. If these methods do not help, then seek help from a professional.

Preventing the Clogging

You can easily prevent your air conditioner from clogging by following a maintenance technique once or twice a year. You need to access the drain and you may need to remove the cover or coil to do this. There may be a PVC cap on top of your drain pipe that you have to remove by hand to access the drain. Take a gallon of warm water and let it run through the drain to clean out any accumulated dirt. Do this slowly.  You can also add a bit of bleach into the pipe to remove lime scale or grime. Make sure the drain pipe is good quality as that goes a long way in preventing clogging.