Prevent Grass from Growing in a Flower Bed

What You'll Need
Organic material (compost, peat moss or manure)
Plastic sheeting
Landscaping fabric

Flower beds are lovely accents for landscaped homes, which add a flair to a home's curb appeal. Flower beds are susceptible to invasion by grass and weeds, however, if they are planted next to—or into—a grass lawn. Grass has a natural tendency to spread to any area that has soil, including a flower bed. Grass and weeds are highly likely to sprout in between any type of flower that is planted, which can be a nuisance. There are ways to prevent grass from growing in a flower bed.

Use Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is a loosely intertwined fabric that is placed over soil to prevent grass and weed germination and invasion. This fabric is most beneficial when it is incorporated into the planning stages of a flower bed, before the bed has actually been planted. Landscape fabric is placed over soil, with holes or slits cut in it to allow plants and flowers to be planted. Once the flowers have been planted, mulch is then added on top of the landscape fabric. The odds of grass or weeds invading the flower bed are greatly reduced, although the odd blade of grass may still appear.

Build a Bed for the Flowers

Building a bed must be done prior to planting any flowers. Find a suitable spot for the flower bed, and mark off its exact area. Edge the flower bed area so that it is sharply separated from the rest of the lawn. Dig along the marked off edges with a shovel or sod cutter. Once the location has been determined and marked off, dig the area a few inches down into the soil, and then line the dug out area with plastic sheets. Add a few inches of gravel in the dug out area, and then fill the rest of the area with organic material such as compost, peat moss or manure.

Edge the Flower Bed

To help prevent grass from growing in a flower bed, it would be beneficial to edge the flower bed with a border, such as metal edging, stone bricks or cement blocks. To do so, dig between six to eight inches into the edge of the bed, and clear the dug out perimeter of any grass roots, and line it with plastic sheets. The top edge of the surrounding wall can be lined with decorative brick for aesthetic enhancement.

Add Paper and Mulch to the Flower Bed

Prior to planting flowers, place a one-inch thick layer of paper--such as newspaper--in the bed. The paper should then be watered. Add a layer of mulch, and then water this as well. After a couple of weeks, planting can take place. The mulch and newspaper will be easy to dig through to prepare for flower planting.

Add a Herbicide

A herbicide will help to kill off grass and weeds by attacking the roots. It should be applied directly on grass or weeds that invade the flower bed, without getting any on the surrounding flowers. It is important to note that applying herbicide to invading grass and weeds will not prevent any further invasion.