Prevent Wild Raspberry Plants From Invading Your Garden

Wild raspberries are a prolific wild plant that will invade your garden if allowed to do so. They damage other plants by spreading along the ground sending up cane shoots that choke out other plants. To allow your garden the room it needs to prosper, wild raspberries need to be kept about 600 feet from your garden, either by cutting them back or destroying them.

Controlling Wild Raspberries

Wild raspberries can be controlled with common weed control products applied in the spring when new growth is observed. Continue treating the area with the weed control product as needed throughout the growing season.

If you want to avoid the use of chemicals, you can always clear the wild raspberry plants by hand. Before you start, make sure you know exactly what the wild raspberries look like and protect your hands with a sturdy pair of garden gloves.

Treating Wild Raspberries Early

Wild raspberries are most successfully treated when first noticed in the early spring. Addressing the problem at its onset will require the least amount of weed control, which will save you money as well as minimizing the amount of chemicals in your yard. If you intend to clear by hand, getting an early start while the plants are still small will save you hours of labor later in the season. More importantly, early treatment will prevent the destruction of the plants you are cultivating in your garden.