Prevent Wood Chair Legs from Scratching Wood Floors

wood chair on a wood floor
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What You'll Need
Tennis balls
Anti-skid leg pads for chairs
Sharp knife
Fabric scissors

You can easily prevent wood chair legs from scratching wood floors by doing any of the procedures below.

Step 1 - Use Chair Leg Pads

Anti-skid leg pads for your chairs can be purchased at your local home improvement depot. Acquire a couple of packs of chair leg pads and insert one on each leg chair using industrial glue. Some are also self-sticking.

Step 2 - Use Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are useful in preventing your chairs from scratching your wooden floor. Acquire four tennis balls and make a hole on top of each tennis ball using a sharp knife. Insert a tennis ball on each chair leg.

Step 3 - Use Felt

Cut squares of felt using fabric scissors. Wrap the end of each chair leg with the pieces of felt and secure the felt by tying it into the chair leg using nylon strings or ribbons.

Step 4 - Use a Rug

Put a large, thin rug that covers the entire room space where your chairs are situated. Putting chairs on an area rug will not only prevent scratches on your wood floor, but also protects your wooden flooring from stains and other damages.