Preventing a Soggy Cover for a Hot Tub

What You'll Need
Closed-cell foam cover
Cover lift

A cover for a hot tub is needed in order to keep debris, dirt and other particles out of your hot tub. This is especially true if your hot tub is located outside on a patio or deck. Taking care to keep the hot tub cover from getting soggy requires you to purchase the right type of cover and install a cover lift in order to reduce the possibility of the cover becoming soggy.

Step 1 - Purchase a Closed Cell Foam Cover and Lift

You can dramatically reduce the incidents of your hot tub cover becoming soggy by purchasing a closed-cell foam cover and a lift cover for the hot tub. You can find these accessories at a pool and spa store. A closed-cell foam does not absorb water at the same rate that other types of hot tub covers do.

Step 2 - Install the Hot Tub Cover and Lift

Place the hot tub cover lift over the hot tub in the manner described in the installation guide. Place the cover inside the hot tub cover lift and set in place in order for it to operate correctly.