Preventing Arborite from Chipping While Cutting

Arborite is a material that was used in older countertops installed in kitchens in the 1970s. The material is very hard, durable and inexpensive to buy, making it ideal for early home construction. Over time, other materials such as natural stone, marble and granite replaced arborite and older arborite countertops were replaced. In the event that you cut arborite, a few tips should help you custom cut it without chipping.

Use a Fine Saw Blade

Because it is a synthetic material, it become brittle over time and can be subject to cracking or chipping. In order to prevent the arborite from chipping, measure the amount that you want to remove and cut the excess using a fine saw blade. The more teeth that the saw blade has, the finer the cut. This will reduce the chance for the arborite to chip.

Use the Appropriate Tool

If you need to make a straight cut, use a table or circular saw to accomplish the job. If you need to fit the arborite piece around a drain or some other circular form, a jigsaw is the best tool to use. When using a saw, allow the blade to make the cut and work slowly.