Preventing Cats from Using Mulch as a Litter Box

What You'll Need
Cat repellent
Orange Peel
Small Rocks

Sometimes our cats prefer to use mulch, flower beds, gardens and other parts of our outdoor landscaping as their litter box. We try as hard as we can to train them to use a specific area, designated for their business, but they still seem to be drawn towards the mulch and the trees. The following ideas will help prevent your cat from using the wrong litter box:

Step 1 – Sprinkle Cat Repellent

You can use cat repellent. You should be able to find many different varieties of cat repellent but it is usually best to select something that is made with natural herbs. You can find them in your local pet store and sprinkle it in and around the mulched area.

Step 2 – Add Rocks

Add rocks to your mulched bed, at least at the outer rim. Cats don’t like to climb over or walk on rocks because it hurts the bottom portion of their paws.

Step 3 – Add Orange Peel

Add orange peel in your mulched garden. Shred the orange peel in small pieces. Replace the orange peel as it starts to decompose. This is a natural cat repellent and they will be sure to stay away from your mulched area.