Preventing Foxtail Palm Diseases

The foxtail palm tree doesn’t grow well in every area of the country. Colder areas will see more problems with disease and death in these trees. This doesn’t mean that you can’t grow one if you live in a colder zone, you just have to know what to watch for and how to prevent disease from occurring.

Less Than Ideal Conditions

Preventing disease in foxtail palms is quite simple. As long as foxtail palms are kept in relatively warm weather, they need just a bit of watering to thrive. The foxtail palm is quite resistant to disease and yellowing. They also rarely attract pests. The deep roots of this tree also help it to get nutrients needed to naturally hold disease at bay, so make sure that your tree has plenty of soil with which to put down those deep roots. It also needs to have plenty of open space, as it has a self cleaning trunk - it cleans itself in the wind. This low maintenance tree is a great addition to your home garden.