Preventing Snow from Sticking to your Shovel

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A snow shovel is still the most popular way for people to remove snow from their sidewalks and drives. And while fresh snowfall rarely sticks to a shovel, other types of snow will inevitably clump and stick to the blade. More expensive shovels come with an anti-stick coating applied, but if you buy a cheaper model you'll have to find your own anti-stick coating. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive ones you can apply yourself.

Metal shovels seem to fare better than plastic shovels because plastic is easily gouged, scratched and chipped, allowing spaces for water and ice to gather and freeze.

Anti-Stick Coatings For Snow Shovels

Oil-based cooking spray - apply liberally on both sides of the shovel

Paraffin wax - rub or melt a hard paraffin wax over the shovel blade

Petroleum jelly-rub a thin coating of petroleum jelly on both sides of the blade

Vegetable oil-spray liberally on both sides of the shovel

How To Use

No matter what coating you decide to use, apply it before shoveling each time. After shoveling snow, wipe the shovel down with paper towels to prevent dirt, salt, and buildup on your shovel. The effectiveness of each method will vary according to weather conditions, temperature, and type of snow. No method will last longer than a few sessions. When spraying oil or any oil-based product, spray the shovel outside to avoid making a mess inside.