Preventing Synthetic Stucco Problems

Preventing synthetic stucco problems is possible if little care is taken.

Problem 1: Efflorescence

Efflorescence is the main problem with synthetic stucco these days. Efflorescence is basically white dust that is formed on the surface of the stucco due to evaporating water.

This problem can be solved by preventing water from entering the stucco home. All that is needed to be done is to seal the stucco beneath the grade level, so that the water is not allowed to enter in. You will also need to seal the foundation, in order to prevent it from efflorescence.

Problem 2: Cracks

The second main problem faced by synthetic stucco homes are the formation of cracks. This can arise due to a number of different reasons such as lumber shrinkage, wind pressure, soil movement or earthquake shaking. In order to prevent this issue, start removing loose stucco and purchase a bag of Portland Cement and sand which is closest to the texture of synthetic stucco. Then remove all the dust from the cracks and moisten the old stucco. Mix both the sand and the cement together. Once the mixing is done, fill the crack with the mixture and leave it in for a few minutes until it starts to set. Lastly, with the help of a dry towel or a brush, take off the texture that was created originally.