Preventing Visible Fingerprints on Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets get some rough treatment from greasy fingers and general usage. Keeping the cabinets in good condition can be a challenging task and preventing marks is nearly impossible. Depending on the type of cabinets you have some fingerprints will show up more visibly some some surfaces than on others.

Plastic Adhesive

If you are particularly fussy about having no fingerprints on your kitchen cabinets, you can cover them in thin self-adhesive plastic. You will note that when you buy some packaged items they come wrapped in a very thin plastic protective film that you remove before using the first time. You can opt to leave it on, breaking the seal only at the point where you access the goods.

Daily Cleaning

Prevention is better than a cure in most respects, but short of not letting anyone touch the cabinets, or making them wear gloves, you are not going to prevent fingerprints on a surface. The best way to deal with the inevitable is to clean the kitchen cabinets every single day or purchase cabinets that do not attract fingerprints.

Wood over Metal

Brushed metallic surfaces or shiny surfaces will prove even harder to keep fingerprints from showing. Wooden cabinets are easier to hide fingerprints than brushed metallic or glossy cabinets.